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Learn About Built-in Wall Air Conditioners

Built-In Wall Air Conditioners: Save Space and Stay Cool

Are you in need of supplemental air conditioning but just don’t have any window or floor space to spare? If you answered yes, then it’s time to consider investing in a built-in wall air conditioner. Similar to window AC’s, these through-the-wall units take up virtually no floor space and only require a minimal amount of room to complete the installation.

Here at Allergy&Air, your comfort is our top priority. For over 17 years, we’ve been committed to providing the best air conditioner brands at a price that just can’t be beat—so you can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy a blast of fresh air.

Why You Should Consider a Built-In Wall AC

Ideal additions to dated homes, compact condominiums and even apartment buildings, our selection of through-the-wall air conditioners have no problem servicing rooms of any size. Choose from models with over 12,001 BTUs of power for large rooms or spaces; 9,001 - 12,000 BTU units for medium-sized spaces—such as living rooms or even apartments; or smaller 5,000-9,000 BTU outputs for the one room in your house that never feels cool.

Whether it’s an ice-cold winter night or smolderingly hot summer day, some of these units are capable of cooling/heating a space to ensure for your complete comfort, any time of the year. In addition, many of these appliances are Energy Star rated for their efficient operation, meaning they meet and exceed standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star-rated air conditioners use at least 10% less energy AND cost under $70 a year to run.

When you’re searching for the perfect model to suit your space, it’s important to pay attention to each brand’s features, as this will affect the cost and efficiency of the appliance. If you plan on installing your through-the-wall in the living room, media room or bedroom, you may want to choose a unit with an included remote control. This provides an added convenience by allowing you to adjust input settings and switch between features such as Energy Saver mode, 24-hour on/off timer, and automatic operation—all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Although it may sound difficult or near impossible, installing a built-in wall AC is a lot easier than you would think. Designed with wall sleeves for secure, permanent installations, these versatile units are constructed for a snug fit that keeps out unwanted drafts and pests. To optimize your unit’s operation, choose an installation space that is away from direct sunlight and kitchen appliances with high heat outputs. Each brand has varying installation guidelines, so be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for precise specifications.

Find Your Ideal Air Conditioner

When you shop at Allergy&Air, you’ll find innovative and practical products that specialize in improving your everyday life. No matter the setting or application, we’re sure you’ll find the best built-in wall air conditioner that fits your space and lifestyle—along with all the accessories you could ever need. Browse our collection of air conditioners and transform your home into a comfortable haven.