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Maxx Reverse Osmosis Undercounter Filter System

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Vitev Maxx Reverse Osmosis Undercounter Filter System

The Vitev Maxx Reverse Osmosis Undercounter Filter System (MAXX) provides the perfect balance between clean and healthy water. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, the Maxx uses reverse osmosis technology to initially filter your water and remove all traces of contaminants. Unlike regular osmosis systems that strip away both the good and bad, the Maxx uses a specially designed cartridge to slowly release beneficial minerals and ceramics to restore proper pH levels while providing ionized antioxidant benefits. This reverse osmosis unit is designed for no-hassle maintenance,simply replace the cartridges with a twist of the hand. The MAXX exterior is constructed of durable plastic, while system's faucet is constructed of durable aluminum/stainless steel, to guarantee product longevity for years to come. Supply yourself and loved ones with professionally-treated water, thanks to Vitev.

Safe:The mineral mix cartridge is comprised of four main minerals: magnesium, calcium potassium and sodium. This is independently tested to ensure no unwanted contaminants are added to your water
Simple Maintenance: The Maxx cartridges feature a simple twist-off design, just like a lightbulb, allowing you to quickly and easily replace the filters
Made in the USA: The Vitev Maxx is made in the USA to ensure for the highest quality parts possible
Efficient: This filtration system fills up to four (4) times faster and saves up to 80% more water than standard reverse osmosis systems, helping you save money wherever it can


Assembly Required
Auto Shut Off
Reverse Osmosis System
10, 19, 7.25
Eco Friendly
Faucet Included
Filter Type
Activated Carbon Filters, Osmosis Undercounter Filters, Pre Filters, Sediment Filters
Gallons Per Day (GPD)
12, 16, 19
Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year, 5 Years
NSF Approved
Nominal Depth
10, 19, 8
Nominal Height
12, 16, 19
Nominal Width
12, 14
Product Weight
Water Tank Capacity
12, 14