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Portable Air Purifier

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Virus Zero Portable Air Purifier

Breathe a little easier when you use the Virus Zero Portable Air Purifier (SP-PA4). This small, portable air purifier uses cutting-edge, award-winning technology to sterilize air in your bedroom, office, car, or anywhere you go! Filters are a thing of the past with this purifier, as it uses the new S-Plasma Ion Technology by Samsung to remove mold, bacteria, allergens and more from the air.

Able to sterilize rooms of up to 231 square feet, this purifier neutralizes active oxygen radicals and quickly eliminates airborne viruses such as the flu and corona virus. With filterless air sterilization, this portable unit comes complete with an indoor and car power adapter so you can take your unit on the go and stay healthy wherever you are!

Portability: Able to take in your car or anywhere with a power source
S-Plasma Ion Technology: Cutting-edge, filterless technology designed to remove allergens from the air
No Filters Needed: No need to keep buying new filters, which will save you money

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