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    If you have browsed our selection of floor care products, then you know there are few places where you will find more powerful cleaning options. For your upright, canister, handheld or stick vacuum—or even steam cleaner—our impressive catalog of attachments and accessories is sure to take your cleaning experience to the next level.

    From advanced HEPA and micro-grade replacement filters to head attachments and vacuum bags, we have everything you need to ensure your appliance is always working at optimal efficiency. Tackle messes you never thought were possible to clean up, and enhance your products that already do the job better than anything else.

    The Ultimate Cleaning Accessories

    Vacuum cleaner bags quickly fill up with all kinds of dust and particles, and will eventually need to be replaced. This is especially true when you have the high-powered suction of vacuums by Fuller Brush. We carry a multitude of replacement vacuum bags that vary by brand and type, so you can easily find the ideal solution for your model.

    While this can be a leading cause for your vacuum’s inefficiency, if you notice the bag filling up too fast then it may be time to replace the filter. Most of these accessories are HEPA certified while others feature exhaust and electrostatic micro-filters, which work in tandem to trap and hold as much dust and debris as possible. We carry filtration products to suit both upright and handheld cleaners.

    Some kinds of vacuum cleaners, while already powerful, require additional attachments to really enhance their utility. Or maybe you accidentally sucked up a rock or shard of glass that caused the current head on your device to break. Luckily for you, we carry replacement heads for all kinds of vacuum brands. A power head comes with its own controllable settings that allow you to turn the brush on or off. Some even offer automatic shutoff functions in case a large piece of debris, or your phone charger, gets lodged inside—risking damage to the machinery.

    Steam cleaning mops are great contenders for treating hard and smooth surfaces. No matter if you have wood flooring or rustic-style tile, the pad on your steam mop will eventually wear and need to be replaced. As some of the best pads available, our selection of microfiber pads come in many different sizes to fit every variety of steam cleaner.

    Invest in a Cleaner Home Today

    At Allergy&Air, we have been supplying customers with world-class accessories that ensure their home is as clean and sanitary as possible. Don’t put up with dirty filters, inefficient vacuum bags or broken attachments. Make your flooring shine unlike every before with our fantastic selection of specialty products and upgrades. Browse our catalog of floor care attachments and accessories and see what you’ve been missing.