Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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Stick Vacuum Cleaners

As relative newcomers to the modern world of floor care, stick vacuum cleaners are the answer to many of today’s cleaning needs. Stick vacuums are exactly as the name implies: lightweight models that are long and tall, with a small compartment for inner components and collected debris. Some brands, such as Dyson, store the motor and other mechanics closer to the unit’s handle, which alters the center of gravity—balancing weight distribution for easy control. Other brands offer additional features, along with convenient accessories that simplify your day-to-day routines. In general, stick vacuum cleaners are easily mobile, versatile products that work well on almost any type of surface.

Ease of Use Unparalleled

Larger, clunky upright vacuums can be difficult to control—especially when navigating around furniture—and their limiting power cords can make any chore a burden. In the realm of vacuums, there are few options that are lighter in weight and handier for immediate, on-demand cleaning.

Whether it’s for the surplus of pet fur all over your couch or the crumb infestation under your dining table, stick vacuums can be pressed into action at a moment’s notice. And, because of their cordless design, you never have to worry about finding the most opportunely located electrical outlet. Just as many canister or upright vacuums, these handheld cleaners often come with an array of specialty tools and nozzles that make tackling any space quick and easy. Crevice attachments are ideal for those hard-to-reach spots in your home, including under the couch or behind larger appliances—or even between car seats.

These bagless machines are easy to store when not in use, taking up absolutely zero floor space, and most models come with all the necessary equipment to keep your device and accessories on hand for convenient access. Included wall-mount brackets can serve as a charging station for your cordless vacuum, but many brands tout the long life of their stick units. Their ability to be hung on the wall or discretely stowed in the pantry is perfect for use in the kitchen, but these time-saving devices can be used with ease just about anywhere.

Make a Stick Vac Work for You

Many homes built today feature much less wall-to-wall carpeting and more hard surfaces and area rugs. With a stick vacuum, you can clean safely without worry of startling small children or animals—and you don’t have to lug around a heavy machine. If you’ve walked down your hallway and seen deposits of dust or pet hair along the edges of the walls, you likely would have been happy to have a stick vacuum at the ready for a speedy cleanup.

Recreational vehicles and boats have very limited room, and a vacuum typically isn’t the first item on your packing list. Stick models take up an insignificant amount of space, making them the perfect choice to bring along on your next road trip. After a long day at the beach, the last thing you want to experience is a sandy bed or RV. A quick pass with the stick vacuum will have any vehicle ready for your next adventure, and the noise won’t disturb the group telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Clean Your Home in Minutes

Anyone looking for a simple, immediate, low-noise solution to daily household messes should consider investing in a stick vacuum cleaner. At Allergy&Air, cleanliness is our specialty, and for over 17 years we have supplied countless customers with the necessary tools for a happier, healthier home.

Nothing beats their level of efficiency or convenience; browse our collection of floor care products and find the best fit for your lifestyle.

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