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    The newest trending breakthrough for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing floors and other household surfaces is really hot. Steam is effective, safe and versatile—ideal for cleaning just about every aspect of your home. There are multiple types of appliances that use steam to eliminate grime and to sanitize, but steam cleaners are simply the best at cleaning the most surfaces.

    Get more bang for your buck by choosing a well-equipped steam cleaner that will easily handle all your dirty work. These convenient machines are generally small in size and are easy to transport—some with carrying handles while others have wheels. Most models can be used with a variety of attachments for serious sanitizing of hard-to-reach places such as crevices, sliding door tracks and window sills. Depending on the included tool each unit has, you can very easily clean cabinet doors, range hoods and other stainless steel fronts.

    If you are looking for a reliable, simple-to-use cleaning solution that requires absolutely no chemicals or abrasive agents, then a steam cleaner is exactly what you need.

    The Biggest Clean for the Smallest Effort

    These time-saving appliances require no chemicals or detergents, simply add tap water (though if you have particularly hard water where you live, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see whether distilled water is recommended). Steam cleaners then heat the water to produce steam, which is unparalleled for breaking up the most stubborn dirt. Did you know - steam can kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria when continuously applied to a surface for only 15 seconds.

    Is steam really better than scrubbing away filth with soap and a sponge? A common cleaning method involves applying a chemical or abrasive cleaner to a surface and then wiping or scrubbing until it appears to be clean. The key word here is “appears,” because this regimen is, at best, superficial. It takes a great deal of physical effort, degrades the surface, exposes your skin and lungs to harsh chemicals and leaves behind residue that not only dulls the surface but also attracts more dirt.

    Our selection of steam cleaning products, however, provide the proven power to thoroughly sanitize and clean your home without chemicals. Whether it’s for carpeting, drapery, upholstery or hard surfaces, these handy steamers can tackle nearly any application—drying in only a few minutes. In addition, you won’t have to deal with lugging around heavy, messy buckets of water ever again.

    Because they use no harsh chemicals or synthetic foaming agents, these steamers are safe for every household, including those with children and pets. You can sanitize plush animals and toys and keep high chairs clean and odor-free. Steam is excellent for thorough cleaning in homes with sick people or those with compromised immune systems. You can disinfect animal crates and carriers thoroughly and safely and sanitize litter box areas.

    Steamers can be used in so many different ways that some models are even great at quickly de-wrinkling garments. Just as you can press the wrinkles out of clothes, you can also easily steam drapes and curtains so they look their best. Steam is great for freshening upholstery as well as safely cleaning and deodorizing vehicle interiors.

    Other creative uses for hot vapor do not even necessarily involve cleaning. Use it to thaw frozen pipes, defrost freezers, mist and dust live plants, polish jewelry and much more. Using water vapor indoors makes for better overall air quality because it actually removes harmful particles without adding any other dangerous residuals to the atmosphere.

    Vaporize Contaminants in a Flash

    There are many ways a steam cleaner can make your life easier, better, cleaner and safer. Allergy&Air offers a variety of steam products to suit every need and budget, so you can get the most clean for the least effort today. Shop by concern, and simplify your everyday routine.