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Learn About Portable Heaters

Portable Heaters to Keep Any Space Toasty Warm

There are so many different types of heaters available on the market—each with varying features and functions that work to simplify our everyday lives. Whether you want to effectively heat an outdoor space or maintain the perfect temperature in any room of your home, portable heaters provide some of the most flexible options for staying comfortable.

Before you peruse our wide selection of heating appliances, you may be wondering just what kind of heater you should invest your money into. Here at Allergy&Air, we offer a multitude of innovative heaters, each designed for a different setting and situation.

Fan Heaters

One of the common heater varieties are convective heaters. These devices work by running air through the heater itself, then dispersing the heated air throughout your desired space. Ideal choices for warming entire rooms, our selection of fan heaters are some of the simplest, most reliable models available. These heaters utilize unique fan technology to pull in cool air, which is then forced over an internal heating element and expelled into the room. While most can operate outdoors, fan heaters are recommended for indoor applications.

Infrared Heaters

Radiative heaters are designed to warm a space very efficiently; the most common form of a radiative heater is infrared. Infrared heaters work by heating a filament within the appliance, which radiates heat directly to objects surrounding the heater. These powerful units can safely rise to even higher temperatures than the older models, and are more efficient as they emit more heat than open-wire varieties. Infrared heaters are some of the most effective heaters on the market, and can work well in an indoor or outdoor space.

Panel & Radiator Heaters

One of the best things about panel and radiator fans today is that they are virtually silent when operating. If you are trying to find the least invasive product that can fit into your lifestyle while performing at a high level, then a radiator heating solution may be the right choice. You can continue to enjoy quiet moments at home reading, doing work or concentrating on what is important, without being distracted by a noisy heater that makes its presence known to all.

Not all home heating and ventilation units are created equal these days, and if your home’s heating system is not performing at a top level, you can recruit a radiator heater to pick up the slack.

Find Your Ideal Heating Solution

Whichever type of portable heater you decide to buy, you can rest assured knowing each and every one of our appliances are handpicked for their versatile design and powerful output. If you still aren’t sure which type of heater your home would most benefit from, feel free to give us a call at (1) 855-302-6628, and we’ll be more than happy to help narrow down your top contenders. Steer clear from another miserable winter and enjoy toasty-warm comfort at the touch of a button.