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Learn About Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Known throughout the hospitality industry for their convenient design and powerful output, packaged terminal air conditioners are essential investments for conditioning single rooms. Often abbreviated as PTACs, these commercial-grade AC systems are commonly found throughout hotel chains, hospital rooms, condominiums, and renovated buildings. If you have ever stayed in a hotel or motel room while traveling, chances are you probably used a PTAC.

Ever since their release in 1935, packaged terminal air conditioners have advanced exponentially, offering modern-day conveniences like anti-corrosion technology and automatic operations that simplify your life as much as possible.

If you are on the hunt for a reliable appliance to keep yourself, your guests, or your customers happy, then it’s time to consider a packaged terminal AC.

Packed Terminal Air Conditioner Benefits

Whether you are trying to condition a small, medium, or large room, packaged terminal air conditioners will ensure your space is always comfortable. These powerful systems are able to achieve temperatures ranging from 50° to 90°F, with convenient features that conserve energy while increasing overall efficiencies. Known for their low decibel levels and ultra-quiet operations, PTACs utilize high-efficiency compressors to effectively cool your space without causing any disruptions.

Our collection of packaged terminal air conditioners are available with electric heat or heat pump technology, so it’s important to choose a unit that’s best suited for your needs. Air conditioners with electric heat technology conserve more energy than the latter, but their cheaper upfront costs and quiet design are worth looking into. Packaged terminal ACs that use heat pumps tend to be a little more expensive than electric heat models, but the higher upfront cost pays off in energy efficiency. Heat pump models can operate in cold climates for longer periods of time, and are about three times more efficient than electric heaters.

If you plan on purchasing a PTAC for the summer, your best bet would be a heat pump model. If you need an appliance to effectively heat a space, then an electric heat model is exactly what you need.

No matter if it’s for residential or commercial applications, packaged terminal air conditioners are designed to accommodate a multitude of spaces. Despite the required voltage or BTU output, these versatile conditioners feature the same dimensions—with 16” heights and 42” widths—so you can easily change out and replace units without worry of compatibility.

One of the nice benefits of packaged terminal air conditioners is that they’re relatively simple to install. If you or someone in your home is handy, you can probably get away with not spending anything extra on installation. If you plan on installing the unit in a room that hasn’t had one before, you will need to cut a hole in the wall—which may sound a little intimidating—but is easily achievable with the proper tools. Most general contractors and handymen should be able to complete this task, so you can avoid having to call an HVAC specialist.

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