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Learn About Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor Heaters

During those cool winter months and autumn nights, many homeowners enjoy having access to outdoor patio heating. These specially-designed outdoor heaters provide warmth, enabling you to enjoy the beauty of nature any time of the year. There are many different types of outdoor heaters to choose from, and you will need to keep your personal needs in mind when choosing the right one. Here is some information about outdoor patio heating that will be useful during the shopping process.

The Benefits of Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters provide their owners with a wealth of benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Allow you to enjoy the outdoors at night and during the cooler months
  • Relatively affordable
  • A variety of styles and brands
  • Equipped with modern safety features
  • No installation costs
  • Low energy consumption

In addition to the practical benefits listed above, outdoor heaters may also be used to enhance aesthetics. With the plethora of styles available, you can easily add warmth and beauty to your outdoor living spaces.

Standing Heaters

Floor standing heaters are a popular choice due to their ability to warm large areas. These heaters come in a variety of colors and are capable of producing large amounts of heat in just a short amount of time. Unlike other heaters, floor standing heaters are exceptionally easy to use, and the vast majority of models include multiple safety features such as automatic-shutoff, anti-tilt features and built-in thermostats to help you stay comfortable and safe. Outdoor floor heaters can also be moved from place to place since they almost always come equipped with wheels at the bottom.

Hanging & Mounted Heaters

Hanging and mounted outdoor heaters provide the warmth you need without taking up too much space. These heaters usually boast a sleek and thin design, allowing you to install them virtually anywhere. Many mounted heaters come with an automatic on/off system, so there is no need to worry if you forget to turn your heater on at first. Similar to the majority of modern outdoor heaters, they come equipped with several safety features in order to prevent overheating and fires. These heaters are versatile, and can be installed on both walls and ceilings. Most use a ceramic burner to produce heat.

Tabletop Heaters

If you typically find yourself seated at patio or picnic tables, a tabletop outdoor heater may be the perfect choice for you. These heaters are usually less powerful than standing heaters, but they excel at providing an adequate amount of heat to a very specific area. The temperature will be easy to maintain since most heaters are equipped with a thermostat. Tabletop heaters also provide the following features:

  • Ignited with just a push of a button or twist of a knob
  • Anti-tilt feature prevents accidents
  • Sturdy design is perfect for outdoors
  • Thermocouple prevents overheating

They also come in a myriad of designs, so it will be easy to find one that complements the décor of your space. If you only need to heat a small area in a short period of time, an outdoor tabletop heater is can be a solution to your problems.

Commnercial Heaters

Commercial heaters are the perfect choice for businesses or individuals needing to heat a large outdoor area in a short period of time. These heaters have a mode of operation that is similar to other outdoor heaters, but they are capable of producing high amounts of heat, and dispersing it over a farther distance. They are perfect for outdoor events such as weddings or parties, and there is no need to worry about purchasing multiple small heaters that may or may not get the job done. Commercial heaters can also be beneficial in garages, schools, office and apartment buildings, parks, restaurants, or retail stores. Many of these outdoor heaters boast an industrial appearance, but there are many models that focus on style as well. Any outdoor event can benefit from a commercial heater.

Don't Suffer Through the Cold

In short, there are numerous types and styles of outdoor heaters to choose from. Most use either natural gas or propane, but some heaters run off of electricity. When shopping, remember to choose your heater based on your intentions and personal needs, and anyone who spends a large portion of their time outdoors will reap their benefits. Stop suffering through the cold, and purchase an outdoor heater from Allergy and Air.