Mini Split Air Conditioners

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Learn About Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini Split Air Conditioners

Do you live in a dated house or condominium where central air conditioning isn’t possible? Are the costs for installing ductwork too expensive? Have you run out of sacrificial window or floor space? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be time to invest in a mini-split air conditioner. Used around the world for their intuitive design and powerful output, Mini-split systems are affordable, energy-efficient solutions for keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Why You Should Consider a Mini-Split System

Whether you’re remodeling the house or replacing an existing AC, mini-split air conditioners will ensure your space is cooled, or heated, to precise conditions. Engineered with advanced compressor systems and variable-speed inverter technology, our collection of mini-split units are capable of providing up to 48,000 BTUs of cooling and heating for any space you’d need.

These innovative systems consist of two main components: the condensing unit (installed outdoors) and the air handler (installed indoors). Because of their split-system design, and depending on the brand, additional air handlers can be added to supplement multiple rooms in your home. We have all the components needed to create your very own mini-split system, as well as singledualtriple, and quad zone systems that are already paired together for your convenience.

From setting your desired temperature to switching between features and functions, the entirety of a mini split can be controlled via wireless remote. You can activate sleep mode, set 24-hour timers and adjust fan speeds—all from the comfort of your couch or bed. Some units even have purifying modes that pull in and destroy microscopic contaminants and particles, for a cleaner, healthier environment. For more in-depth control, consider installing a smart thermostat. These high-tech tools allow you to fully operate your AC through an app on your phone or tablet, so you can make quick and easy changes no matter where you are.

Because of how a mini-split air conditioner is designed, these units can be installed almost anywhere and take up virtually no floor space. The average width of an air controller is approximately 35”, and it’s mounted to your wall or suspended from the ceiling. Many of our indoor units are either white or black, so you can easily find the best match for your style of décor. For a personal, more customized appearance, look into our selection of accessories and outfit your air handler with a durable colored panel.

Find Your Ideal Mini-Split Air Conditioner Today

When you shop on Allergy&Air, you’ll notice that many of our mini-split air conditioners meet and exceed strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, so you can rest assured knowing your top choices are not only energy efficient, but safe for the environment.

For over 17 years, your comfort has been our top priority. We are dedicated to providing the air conditioner brands that you’ve come to know and love—all at a price that can’t be beat. Browse through household names like Friedrich, PridiomLG, and Senville, and enjoy a blast of comfort with a mini-split air conditioner.