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LG: Life's Good

A global giant, LG’s original name was Lucky Goldstar, but the modern abbreviation means so much more. The company’s dedication to consumer-first products shines through in its motto--Life’s Good—and also alludes easily to a single phrase: legendary. Legendary is a good start towards describing the company’s reach and standards, which have propelled LG to the status of a brand name known in every home. Since 1958, the South Korean company has grown from simple beginnings in manufacturing radios to producing myriad electronics and consumer appliances. With a line that includes a plethora of designs such as window or mini-split air-conditioners, combination washer and dryers, and numerous others, the well-known brand continues to prove that its products are well deserving of a legendary label.

Of course, being legendary doesn’t just come with name-recognition. It comes with reliable products, appliances that stand up to the test of time and keep their users coming back for more and more. Take LG’s window air-conditioners, for example. These simple appliances come loaded with intelligent features ready to make spot cooling as easy as possible. Ranging from 6,000 to 24,500 BTUs, these window units can cool spaces up to 1,500 square feet in size, making them well-suited for apartments or small homes. And they don’t just cool; LG also offers models that can spin up in the winter to make sure that treated rooms are warm and cozy.

If a window unit isn’t your style, LG also offers mini-split air conditioning systems. For homes without spare window space or the ducting required for central air systems, these units split the workload between external and internal units, and can pump out as much as 33,000 BTUs at a time. The award-winning company engineers these systems with variable-speed compressors that can rapidly cool rooms down to a palatable temperature. Additionally, some of them can heat, purify, or more.

For a more portable option, LG also offers a line of portable air-conditioners, which can easily move from room to room depending on your need. The lightweight units vent easily out of windows and then bundle up when not in use for quick storage in a nearby closet. Though small and portable, these units are capable of hitting up to 14,000 BTUs, and can even heat and cool rooms up to 600 square feet in size without the need for heavy, permanent installation.

And LG doesn’t just focus on air. The famous manufacturer also makes combination washer and dryers perfect for smaller homes that lack the space for large, multiple units. These clever machines utilize one drum to both wash and dry, and also remove the need for dedicated venting or hookups. With units as slim as 24” wide, LG is attuned to the energy-conscious consumer who doesn’t have the extra space for extra mechanical bulk. On top of it all, their direct drive motors ensure that these machines operate as quietly as possible.

No matter your need, LG has you covered. There’s a reason the company’s name is so familiar. With more than half a century of experience, their engineers continually create home products that truly make life good.