LGAS401VGA1Item # bci3044489Discontinued

PuriCare Smart Air Purifier Gold


LG PuriCare Smart Air Purifier Gold

The LG PuriCare Smart Air Purifier in Gold (AS401VGA1) combines sleek design with advanced air purification great for removing harmful chemicals and bacteria from the air. Comes with a Smart Indicator which analyzes the particulates within the air and provides helpful feedback on how polluted the air is via a light system. There are also several different modes which gives the user full control over the amount of air purification. The reliable air purification capabilities of this unit are all hidden within an attractive circular case with a golden plate, making it part of the home/office decor.

Matter IndicatorParticulate levels are constantly analyzed by this purifier and the information is displayed on the PM display
Smart Lighting SystemThe lights of this purifier indicate to users the levels of pollution in the air, with red being the worst and green being the best. This is simple feedback that immediately lets users know how polluted the air is without the use of complicated jargon
Whisper QuietFitted with a Smart inverter which makes sure this air purifier operates quietly, allowing ideal night-time use while users sleep. This purifier operates at an ideal noise level of 23 dB
Great CoverageAir purification spreads throughout an area of 248 square feet. The unit is also very light, helping users move the air purifier from room to room to get comprehensive air purification throughout a building
Different ModesComes included with auto, manual and sleep mode providing easy control over the level of air purification to help save energy wherever possible. Also comes with a turbo mode, which activates maximum purification for a period of 30 minutes
Sleek DesignAmazing air purification capabilities held within an attractive casing with a golden plate to help the unit combine functionality with chic home design