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Learn About Home Air Coolers

Home Air Coolers

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is a year-round challenge. With summers feeling hotter and hotter, running the air conditioner requires more and more energy. Fortunately, there are other cooling solutions that are far more efficient and cost effective. At Allergy&Air, we carry a variety of residential air coolers that use low-energy water evaporation and air circulation technology. Complete with built-in reservoirs, these air cooling units distribute water vapor throughout the environment, bringing down the room temperature and moving stale, stagnant air. From portable floor units, to full-sized window mounts capable of moving over 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute, there is an air cooler suitable for your home.

Clean, Efficient, and Cost-Cutting

Unlike central air conditioning or window units, home air coolers do not consume the extra energy needed to extract heat from the environment. Air condensers suck up a lot of electricity. Air coolers, on the other hand, harness the natural cooling qualities of water vapor. As water evaporates, the water lowers the temperature of the dry air. The same phenomenon occurs when you step out of the pool on a warm summer day. Despite the warm air temperature, you feel cool as the water evaporates on your skin. As the water turns to gas, you feel the cooling effects of the pressure changes. This entirely natural process is efficient and requires no additional energy.

The strength of residential air coolers is measured in their circulation ability. The size of your environment will determine how much fan power is required. Portable units work well for small bedrooms and bathrooms, but they are insufficient for larger spaces. For bigger areas, you want a fan that is capable of distributing air evenly throughout the entire space. Larger home cooling units can pump up to 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute and cool rooms as large as 1,600 square feet. Most air conditioners do not have this kind of circulating power. This helps keep the air in your home cleaner, fresher and free of allergens.

For most people, however, cooling the home comes down to cost. Although an air conditioning unit may keep your home the coldest, home air coolers provide significant temperature control at a fraction of the price. Monthly energy use and electric bills are a concern for everyone. Alleviate some of the stress with an energy-efficient and ecologically conscious air cooler, which utilizes the natural cooling effects of water evaporation. You will also save money in installation fees and maintenance costs.

Brands You Can Trust

We offer deals from the most trustworthy brands so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the best products for your money. When you want to make the switch to clean, energy-efficient home climate control, Allergy&Air is here to help you with your cooling needs. Order your new home air cooler and discover how much you can save on energy costs each year.