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Mighty Maid Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Fuller Brush Mighty Maid Upright Vacuum Cleaner

As far as upright vacuums go, it's hard to find one quite as versatile as this Fuller Brush Mighty Maid Upright Vacuum (FB-MMPW-4) that comes complete with a telescopic power wand. The included power wand uses a 12 amp motor and can extend your cleaning reach by 32 inches. This tool is great for getting into corners, cleaning high shelves, and hard-to-reach curtains. Also included with this upright model are a couple of helpful onboard tools. The crevice tool can get into areas not even the power wand can reach, and the dusting brush is made from natural bristles and will gently clean blinds, shelves, and everything in between.

The Mighty Maid uses a bag and filter that are both HEPA certified. This essentially means that the filter remarkably efficient, filtering up to 99.97% of particles of .3 micrometers. A headlight makes cleaning underneath tables and couches less of a chore, and the 30-ft power cord gives you a range of movement comparable to any residential vacuum on the market today.

Long Cleaning Reach:A 30 foot long power cord plus the telescopic wand provides you superior reach
HEPA Certified:The bag and filter are exceptional at grabbing allergens and other particulates
Onboard Tools:Includes a crevice tool and dusting brush

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