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Friedrich Residential Air Conditioners

Friedrich is just an air conditioner company. It’s a point of pride: you’ll never find the brand branching out into other appliances such as toasters, microwaves, or washing machines. While it’s tempting to view this stance as close-minded, it’s something much more: a promise.

By choosing to live in a narrow company focus, Friedrich remains something that other companies just can’t claim: devoted. Devoted to comfortable rooms, staving off summer, and making life in your home as easy as possible. Friedrich chooses to focus solely on air conditioners so that the brand is associated with one thing and one thing only: expertise when it comes to home cooling.

Take a look at Friedrich’s line of products and you’ll see what we mean. Whether you need an air conditioner that installs into an open windowthrough the wall, or in a more permanent split format, Friedrich’s got you covered. Their line also includes the convenience of portable air conditioners, which move easily from room to room depending on preference. No matter your needs, you’ll find high quality and efficient machines, ready to serve and satisfy, all stamped with the Friedrich brand of approval.

For rooms with windows, Friedrich’s got you covered with models that pump out anywhere from 5,000 all the way up to 36,000 BTUs, with stops in between at 15,000, 18,000, and 24,000. If beige isn’t your color, Friedrich’s line of Kuhl air conditioners—pun intended—feature exchangeable faceplates that can spruce up homes with bursts of black onyx or cobalt blue. And if you find yourself shivering in the winter in addition to wilting in the summer, some of Friedrich’s window units easily offer heating and cooling functionality.

Friedrich gets that sometimes, however, you don’t want to sacrifice precious window space or views. That’s why they offer much of the same quality and efficiency in built-in, through-the-wall models. For these, you’ll find a variety of BTUs, as well as attractive wall sleeves that fit over and protect the exterior portions of the units. And just like their window cousins, these models can easily come equipped to heat as well.

For homes without central air or the ducting required to serve multiple rooms, look no further than Friedrich’s mini-split A/Cs. These powerful units split the workload, with fans and compressors installed externally and cooling vents positioned perfectly inside. They even come in models that serve one or multiple zones, letting you set the perfect temperature in more than one room at a time. And if you’re looking for the ultimate in portability, Friedrich’s portable air conditioners are a perfect fit. These ultra-compact units can roll from room to room, installing easily into open windows before returning to closets or basements when not in use, and just like other Friedrich models, come in different powers such as 8,000 or 14,000 BTUs with heat.

No matter the type of air conditioner you’re looking for, Friedrich’s got you covered. And when you finally pick a great model and open the box, you’ll find a unit that’s been lovingly tested in a UL-approved lab. There, Friedrich tests all of its model prototypes in extreme temperatures and in long-running tests to ensure that the same quality they design reaches your front door, ready to serve for years to come.