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Learn About Floor Care

Learn About Floor Care
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    If you have pets or kids or live in region where it frequently rains, then you are probably familiar with how dirty your carpets and floors can get. It’s difficult to keep your home free from mud, animal hair and other contaminants; that’s where quality floor-care products come in handy.

    We carry several different options for maintaining spotless floors, including canisterstick and robot vacuum cleaners; steam mops for hard surfaces and handheld cleaners for smaller messes. Additionally, you will find all of the attachments and accessories needed to customize and enhance your cleaning appliance.

    Floor Cleaners for Nearly Any Mess

    Basic upright vacuums are cleaning essentials that every household should have on hand. It’s important to choose a unit that fits your budget, storage space and cleaning requirements. Here at Allergy&Air, we offer many different upright vacuums with convenient features and functions that are easy to use, and effective.

    If you or a loved one suffers from allergies or asthma, then a vacuum with HEPA filtration is exactly what you need. These advanced filters trap up to 99.97% of unwanted dust, particles and allergens known to trigger symptom flare-ups. Approved by the Asthma and Asthma Foundation of America, HEPA vacuums are smart additions to any home.

    Some messes are more difficult to clean up than others. If you have a big spill or stain on the carpet that won’t seem to go away, it’s time to invest in a steam cleaner. These innovative appliances can reach temperatures as high as 320°F to sanitize the toughest of areas, and will even take care of stains that you might not be able to easily see. If you are wary or sensitive to harsh cleaning solutions, we have many options that are chemical-free and only require tap water.

    Hardwood, tile and linoleum floors get dirty too, and not all messes can be eradicated with a broom. Our selection of steam mops can safely remove bacteria and germs from flooring, and are light and easy to maneuver. Decide which model is best suited for your needs, and enjoy truly clean floors in only a matter of minutes.

    Clean Your Way to Sanity

    When messes caused by children and pets start to get out of hand, being prepared with the proper cleaning equipment will help keep your sanity. Beyond keeping a clean home, our range of floor-care products allow you to make any space safer for allergy and asthma suffers alike—all without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether you have carpet, hard floors or a combination of both, your ideal vacuum or steam cleaner is sure to be found on our site. Browse by brand and type to find the perfect cleaner from the names you trust, at an affordable price that can’t be beat.