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Learn About Corner Fireplaces

Corner Fireplaces: Create a Comfortable Oasis in Your Home

If you have ever lived in an older house, apartment or condominium in the United States, then the chances are you’ve had a traditional-style fireplace. Do you remember how many times it was actually used—if ever at all? From the chimney and firestop to the overall foundational structure, maintaining a traditional fireplace can get expensive.

Today, more and more homes are designed without any type of fireplace—gas or wood-burning—but you can still enjoy a decorative fireside display, along with BTUs of supplemental heat, with a corner fireplace from Allergy&Air.

The Convenience of Corner Fireplaces

Unlike standard fireplaces, our selection of corner fireplaces are affordable and easy to maintain, and best off all, they require absolutely no type of ventilation. Available in both electric and gel-fueled models, these modern fireplaces are designed to accommodate the empty corner spaces of your home—emitting a maximum 4,700 BTUs of toasty warmth throughout the room. You no longer have to worry about harmful particulates or emissions, smoke, soot or ashes.

Because these units are free of stationary chimneys and other components, they can be installed and reinstalled in whichever setting you prefer; you can appreciate the beautiful display of dancing flames in virtually any room of your home. In addition to heating, our electric corner fireplaces offer additional features that allow you to enjoy a unique flame presentation in the warm months as well as the cold. If you prefer a strictly seasonal application, you can very easily stow these fireplaces in storage for next year.

Customize Your Flames

With today’s technology, enjoying a realistic fireside experience has never looked better or been more customizable. Our selection of electric models come equipped with many features that allow you to personalize your display to suit any setting or occasion. Using the control panel or included remote, you can very easily modify flame brightness settings, create timed operations and adjust temperature output. Brands such as Real Flame and Dimplex utilize advanced technology to create an illusion so realistic, you may not be able to tell the difference from the real thing. Whether you are relaxing in the den or living room—or from the comfort of your own bed—you can control all aspects of an electric corner fireplace from the palm of your hand.

Although gel-fueled units cannot be controlled with a remote control, they supply an equally satisfying display and heat output without the need of electricity. Our gel corner fireplaces operate using gel fuel, which consists of gelled isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is an environmentally preferable fuel source—burning clean without any trace of soot, ash or smoke. You can use up to three cans of gel fuel at one time; each can of fuel produces a heat output of 3,000 BTUs per hour.

Invest in Decor with a Purpose

Corner fireplaces are unique furniture pieces that enhance your room’s style as well as the level of comfort. From their clean lines and elegant trim to the striking finishes that look great in any home, the workmanship of these units is unparalleled.

Our selection of fireplaces provide supplemental warmth throughout the cold winter months, while serving as an eye-catching display that can be embraced anytime of the year. If you are struggling to fill that empty void in the corner of your room, browse our collection of corner fireplaces and take home the perfect fit for your lifestyle.