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H2O+ Circle Under Cabinet Advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System - Includes Faucet with LED Filter Change Indicator

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Brondell H2O+ Circle Under Cabinet Advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System - Includes Faucet with LED Filter Change Indicator

If you're looking for an extremely efficient and beautifully designed water filter system, look no further than the Brondell H2O Undercounter Circle Reverse Water Filtration System (RC100). While it's true that many reverse osmosis (RO) systems today can be unwieldy, hard to install, and straight up inefficient, the Circle system from Brondell is the exact opposite. Contrary to how a lot of RO systems work today, the Circle uses patented technology to reduce back-pressure on the system, which ends up making it around 10 times more efficient than other RO systems. This essentially means the Circle is wasting a lot less water while it purifies. The Circle's RO water filters use an exclusive ?Smart Valve? design, which keys into its efficiency. It reduces wastewater to about 2.1 gallons of water for every gallon of purified drinking water. Standard RO systems waste 24 gallons of water per gallon of purified water, making the Circle system unbelievably efficient in comparison.

The Circle filtration system is also non-electric due to its integration of a tank and filters. And it refills at a rate twice as fast as other non-electrical systems as well as just as fast as an RO system that uses an electrical pump. The Circle RO system uses four advanced water filters. This helps take out those nasty industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, Fluoride, heavy metals, and bad tastes and odors. The Circle system installs under your counter and can be put in and maintained with ease utilizing ?quick-connect? connections and twist-and-lock filter changes.

Four Separate Filters:Uses a sediment filter, a pre-carbon plus filter, an RO membrane filter, and a post-carbon block filter

Non-electric Design:Doesn't use or require pumps or electricity

Fast Refill:The 6 liter tank refills itself in under an hour

Quick Change Filters:Filter replacement is very easy due to twist-and-seal filters


Flow Rate (GPM)
16.5 in.
13.75 in.
Nominal Height
17 in.
Nominal Width
10 in.
9.25 in.
Filter Type
Activated Carbon Filters
Replaceable Filter
H2O Plus Circle
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Limited