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H2O+ Water Pitcher Filter - Pack of 3

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Brondell H2O+ Water Pitcher Filter - Pack of 3

Ensure your Brondell pitcher is always providing the purest possible water with the Brondell H2O+ Water Pitcher Filter 3 Pack (HF-10). These filters feature innovative four-stage filtration technology and are capable of purifying up to 42 gallons of water in a two-month period. The HF-10 is tested and certified by the WQA against NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 43 for the reduction of aesthetic chlorine, copper and cadmium.

Running out of replacement filter cartridges is very inconvenient, but with the Brondell H2O+ Water Pitcher Filter Pack, you'll always have an extra on hand.

Certified by Water Quality Association: This unit's filter is WQA certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 43 standards for the reduction of heavy metals like copper and cadmium, as well as aesthetic chlorine, bad tastes and odors

Four-Stage Filtration: These Brondell pitcher filters purify water through four stages for a safe, healthy result that's both tasteless and odor free

Micro Net: Micro-net filtration helps to reduce and eliminate suspended sediments and particles from your water supply

Ion-Exchange Resin: Ion-exchange resin reduces heavy metals such as cadmium and copper while retaining minerals that are beneficial for your health

Silver-Activated Carbon: This filtration method is tested for a 98% reduction of aesthetic chlorine to eliminate unwanted odors and tastes, while inhibiting bacterial and microbe growth

Low-Cost Maintenance: Available at a competitive price, the HF-10 offers an affordable solution for maintaining your Brondell H2O+ Water Pitcher


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