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Learn About Hypoallergenic Bedding

Hypoallergenic Bedding: Everything You Need for Allergy-Free Sleep

Do you suffer from pesky allergy symptoms on a regular basis? Protecting yourself from harmful allergens starts with your bedding, and this alone can have a major impact on your everyday life. Did you know, on average, a single bed houses anywhere from one to ten million dust mites? All of which feed off your dead skin cells, leaving behind dangerous microtoxins.

Hypoallergenic bedding can reduce, prevent, and even eliminate many allergy-related symptoms caused by the presence of bed bugs, dust mites, pet dander and more. Products such as dust mite mattress covers, bed bug covers, hypoallergenic comforters, blankets and pillows are all important in making your home, vacation home, or business healthy and comfortable for everyone sleeping there.

Mattress Covers

Whether your mattress is brand new or a couple of years old, investing in a mattress cover is a beneficial investment. These resilient encasements work by creating an impenetrable barrier that cut off bed bugs from their main food supply (which is you), killing them in the process. Fully encased mattress covers with enclosed zippers provide additional security by protecting the interior, which keeps unwanted pest out while trapping any already present. Enclosed zippers ensure that the most vulnerable part of an encasement is allergy proof.

We have each and every type of mattress cover could you could possible need, including bed bug covers, dust mite covers, waterproof covers, and box spring covers. Double the life of your mattress and keep it in perfect condition for many years to come.

Pillow Covers

Be careful where you rest your head at night, your pillow could be teeming with allergens! Standard pillows are subject to allergen buildup, and even the slightest stirring can send particles flying into the air and up your nasal passages. Our selection of pillow covers are a must-have to ensure your head support remains free of nasty pests, contaminants and microtoxins. Many dry cleaners use chemicals and bleaches that can counteract hypoallergenic properties; all of the pillow covers we offer are 100% machine-wash friendly for your convenience.

Your pillow should be helping you, not hurting you. Shop from well-known brands such as CleanRest, HealthGuard and Downlite, and discover the benefits of a hypoallergenic pillow cover.


It is important to choose a comforter that will not only reduce allergens, but also provide an ideal level of comfort for healthy sleep. Certain fibers, such as bamboo or mulberry silk, are naturally resistant to mold, allergens and bed bugs, in addition to their extremely comfortable composition. Some hypoallergenic comforters offer higher levels of breathability to wick away moisture for your well-being.

Down is one of the most affordable fabrics available, and is unlikely to cause allergies. This lightweight fabric consists of bird under plumage (typically goose or duck) which helps provide a bulky appearance and fluffy loft.

We offer a variety of comforters with many different fills and materials—depending on your need and budget—so you can finally rest easier without irritation.


Everyone loves to stay comfortable while enjoying their favorite activities. Have you ever noticed an uncomfortable itching or runny nose whenever you’re relaxing, watching a movie or reading a book? If so, then it may be time to reconsider your choice of blankets.

Hypoallergenic blankets are perfect for those in need of a truly safe nap experience. All available in white, these minimalist down-alternative products will supply your space with unparalleled comfort. Choose a blanket to suit your lifestyle, whether you are looking for a luxury throw or hypoallergenic alternative, with sizes from twin—all the way up to king.


A hypoallergenic pillow is an essential addition for allergy suffers alike. Constructed of breathable microfibers and durable cotton piping, our assortment of advanced head support will create a comfortable barrier between you and allergens. There are a multitude of fill densities, including soft, medium, firm and extra-firm, all of which provide different levels of comfort to accommodate your preferences. If you are very sensitive to household chemicals, don’t worry. We have several options that are 100% unbleached, chemical and dye-free, and are naturally processed for your safety.

We want you to relax knowing you have created the healthiest environment possible; shop our collection of hypoallergenic pillows and keep contaminants at bay.

We Have All the Hypoallergenic Bedding You Need

When it comes to staying comfortable, Allergy&Air has you covered. Give you and your loved ones the ultimate gift and rest easier with hypoallergenic bedding.